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One glance at the New Age XUV500 and you know its captivating, cheetah-inspired styling breaks the mould of the ordinary. Up front, the new static bending projector headlamps with light guides embrace the bold and intimidating new stylish front grille. The addition of stylish black accents, brings alive the cheetah’s unmistakable tear ducts. The bonnet has been raised to mimic its strong and slender shoulders. And its new chiselled and sculpted lines catch the eye. Enhanced further with sleek chrome accents and stylish new alloy wheels, the XUV500 has been completely overhauled. But one thing has stayed the same. Its enthralling and majestic presence on the road.



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Bold new styling. Cutting-edge technology. Premium new interiors. Make way for an all-new predator. Make way for the New Age XUV500. One look at the intimidating cheetah-inspired exterior, and you’ll find it hard to look away. Step in and you’re greeted by luxury so grand, you won’t want to step out again. Beneath the hood, improved dynamic torque delivers driving pleasure on any terrain. And the enhanced suspension gives you superior ride and handling. Brimming with exciting new age technology, the New Age XUV500 has been designed for a whole new experience.


These high-intensity projector headlamps put daylight between the New Age XUV500 and its competition. They have the unique ability of lighting up curves when you turn the steering to tackle one. So there will never be a surprise around the corner.


Gear up for adventures. Without gears.

The New Age XUV500 now comes with Automatic Transmission. So whether you're on an off-road adventure, or steering through city traffic, every drive in the XUV500 Automatic is guaranteed to be hassle-free.

While other cars in its class have a traditional 5 speed transmission, the New Age XUV500 Automatic comes with a 6-speed Automatic Transmission. It allows dynamic gear shifts that are smooth and barely perceptible. The fully automatic intuitive gear box combines the quick responsiveness of a manual transmission with the effortless operation of an automatic one.

Thrill seekers can switch to the AWD option that ensures the vehicle is equipped to take on rugged and slippery roads with ease. Two additional uphill climbing modes allow the New Age XUV500 Automatic to take on slopes and ghats effortlessly.

Manual Mode

The Manual Mode is for those spirited drives as it allows the user to manually shift gears.

Luxury goes through the roof

The new premium interiors redefine luxury. But the most striking thing you’ll find inside is the view outside. Fitted with a new electric sunroof with anti-pinch, you are now guaranteed a thrilling experience from every angle. With its premium, new black and beige interiors and beige leather seats, the New Age XUV500 offers you luxury even in the remotest places.

Comfort and Convenience